SHADOWGUN 1.0.3 [All Device+SD Data]

Shadowgun 1.0 APk full cracked paid download for android free 150x150 SHADOWGUN 1.0.3 (v1.0.3) Apk Download For Android [All Device+SD Data]

Shadowgun, a game brought to you by Madfinger Games A.S has been updated to version 1.0.3. ShadowGun is an action packed game that was optimized for Android with Tegra 2 like LG Optimus 2X, Motorola Atrix 4G or Motorola Droid bionic. But this version has been ported to work in All Device. In Shadowgun, you play into a role of John Slade, the galaxy’s most infamous Bounty Hunter.

Shadowgun is an extreme action game where you can crush, kill and destroy your opponents, Shadowgun features most advanced combat A.I to date – enemies flank, seek cover, and utilize teamwork to take you down.

Comes with console quality graphics, playing Shadowgun in your Android Mobile devicewill just feel like playing in a real console device. Shadowgun.Apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version, Shadowgun 1.0.2 has about 6 MB of Apk file size.

Download Shadowgun 1.0.3.Apk now and prepare for a bloody journey, fight against the mutant boss, killer machine and mutated grunts. Shadowgun needs SD data files, download the data files and put it to Android/data/com.madfingergames.shadowgun


Recent Changes

  • Latest version Shadowgun 1.0.3

How To Download Shadowgun 1.03 Apk For Android

-          Download Shadowgun 1.0.3 .Apk Free Download Here (apk file)

Search the net for details on your phone/tablet to find out what tipe of graphic chip you have instaled. After that chose one of the tree SD data files or download the rest of the game via an WiFi connection !  

-          Download SD data files For Adreno, Mali & PowerVR



MrRevenga says: 
Make sure you put it at the right folder!

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79 Responses to “SHADOWGUN 1.0.3 [All Device+SD Data]”

  1. Rival says:

    thank u very much

  2. r4i says:

    Thanks, I’m dying to play this.
    After i install the APK and copy the data to the right place, I’m still getting the “Application is going to download data for Shadowgun” message when starting the App.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall, clear data, move to SD and what not, but i keep getting this message and when I press “Begin download” it starts to download data again, and it never goes ok. i’m always getting an error while downloading or I might get an 200% completed message, but the game never starts.

    Advice anyone ?

  3. harsh says:

    Thank u gyys

  4. MrRevenga says:

    Make sure you put it at the right folder!

  5. TheLord972 says:

    Hello guys,

    Thank you for the publish but just 2 problems..
    1) Wow, game running, i have sounds, images, at last no textures majority of the scene is black, is this normal ??

    2) Game take a whiiiiiile to load, but i can wait.. if i can play it :(

    See ya..

    GSM: Galaxy SII
    Model: GT-I9100 (Mali400)
    SysVer: 2.3.5
    BDB: I9100XXKI4
    Kern: #4

    • Gabriel says:

      its strange because on a SGS II with Android 2.3.4 works fine.
      Are you using a costum rom ?!

      • TheLord972 says:

        Rom: UltraToxic Rom V7.2.1 XWKJ3
        Theme : JKAY Deluxe Theme 13.1

        Why is so important ?
        How this may affect the graphics chip ?

      • TheLord972 says:

        Tu avais raison, j’ai changé mon Kernel pour un plus récent et tout fonctionne comme un charme, merci les gars

  6. TheLord972 says:

    I had the same problem with HAWX before i change my stock rom, yet N.O.V.A works well

    • Gabriel says:

      It has something to do with the graphic driver..
      In costum ROMs there are tweakd drivers that don’t allways work like stock ROMs

  7. TheLord972 says:

    Oops, I forgot, yes I’m French, it’s more like it not: D

    @ Gabriel:
    You Were right, I changed my kernel to a newer and everything works like a charm, thank you guys

  8. megusta says:

    Do I need to root or install custom rom on my device in order for me to play this?

    • flash608 says:

      No, You don`t have to install custom rom or have root on your device. Stock is enough.

  9. dr. J says:

    it works and the game is smooth, thanks

  10. Eskimos says:

    Thanks Man! On Xperia neo v works like a charm! :D

    • DIVYANSH says:

      i also own a neo v,did u extract the files at My Computer\Xperia neo V\Memory Card\Android\data\com.madfingergames.shadowgun\files
      or just paste it?
      i pasted the files it just downloads again> :(

  11. darkrider says:

    works like a charm , i am playing it now :D

  12. john says:

    will it work on my samsung galaxy y

  13. Adrian says:

    Whick one is for the tegra devices? please reply

  14. Jose says:

    is it works with samsung galaxy w, please advice graphic card for this phone. Tq

  15. riddicked says:

    can u plz reupload the data link for mali type gpu the filesonic link isnt working

  16. guppie says:

    I want to use on Asus Transformer Prime. Which SD Data file? All the SD Data file links are dead.

    • Anonymous says:

      For Tegra install te main apk, turn on the WiFi connection and let the game to download the sddata,
      if you want please upload the content of the sddata (from SDcard\Android\data\com.madfingergames.shadowgun) to a filehost and share the link with us.

  17. Danish says:

    link for s2 not working !!

  18. tejan says:

    wud this work on xperia neo v and does any one which graphic chip it has?

  19. Kraven says:

    runs great, a little lag but still playable. LG optimus BLACK

  20. shawn says:

    Where do I put the file?

  21. shawn says:

    Which data file for the inspire 4g?

  22. ztone says:

    It will work on my old xperia x10i??

  23. JUAN says:


  24. Matix says:

    Doesn’t work on Motorola Atrix. Game close itself after a while.

  25. bharath says:

    will this work on my htc one v

  26. bharath says:

    plz reply

  27. Rahul Pradeep says:

    Wat the hell man.i placed it in the correct directory but wjen i start the game it says downloading game data.pls help,i have a xperia neo v

  28. ChrisGNPLS says:

    I have installed the .apk and put the files at sdcard\Android\data\com.madfingergames.shadowgun, but when the game starts, it tries to download the files again! What can I do?

  29. Rakesh says:

    same here @chrisGNPLS

  30. Johney says:

    What type of graphic chip does the galaxy note have ???

  31. rohit says:

    placed correctly
    but still ask for downloaddd
    please help me guyzzz
    usin x pro

  32. rohit says:

    those who are still getting asked to download data..

    got tweak….
    1. don’t copy all sd card data in ”android/data ” it will b erased on 1st game launch, so put it somewhere else TEMPORARLY

    2. launch the game in AIRPLANE-MODE, and without WIFI

    3.when it will ask for downloading 250mb’s data, let it. will throw javaUnknownHostException, now thats it. ”minimize the game” copy all the SD card data to
    ”which we stored before somewhere else temporarily” again goto game… make sure tha it’s minimized.
    it must be asking for ”RETRY” downlod

    7. retry it. it will show all downloading begins to completed.

    that’s it
    it works like a charm

  33. rudy says:

    it works just fine on my xperia active
    thanks to rohit

  34. zargham says:

    I m getting force close error and the game shuts off by itself… please……..

  35. kurniawan says:

    Thanks … it works on galaxy tab 7.7

  36. shivang says:

    how to download it on galaxy y or it works on it or not plss tell me………

  37. ram says:

    for me tweak work on reboot, but it worked,

  38. Anurag Sharma says:

    which type of graphic chip should i select? i hava a tablet-HCl me u1 tablet.. can’t find any info on net.

  39. Manny says:

    I simply downloaded and installed the apk. Once installed, open it and it automatically downloads the game data. Once the data has been downloaded(~250 mb), you can start playing. Worked flawless on my stock unrooted HTC Flyer. Thanks for posting this guys! :)

  40. chuful says:


    I need help in installing this game on my galaxy s3(unrooted).
    I’ve already downloaded the SD file(mali) and the apk, but when I try to extract the files, it’s giving me error no archive found. Can anyone help me on this?


  41. gamer says:

    i also get fc on app start
    lg optimus hub
    adreno 200 gpu
    800 mhz cpu

  42. shazim says:

    Thank you so much for this game. I just installed the apk file and download the game by opening that apk file of this game. The game is running perfectly smooth on HTC desire.

  43. green says:

    i download,copy and still want to download, so i let it, game has downloaded without any problems and i was playing.

  44. Prince says:

    for tegra2????

    I need for m sony tablet S

  45. thanks needed it after a device reset :) had data backed up but not the apk thanks

  46. Marsleino says:

    Guys Will It work on galaxy fit
    not rooted
    with android 2.3.6

  47. kkk says:

    galaxy note2 not working please help me

  48. nolsrac says:

    i try this procedure to my lg optimus 4x hd, but it’s not working? can you help me

  49. Abhedya says:

    Thanks rohit … dude u rock …. the game works awesome

  50. Con says:

    lol Only the characters appear on my Optimus 2x.

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