FIFA 12 1.2.5 (v1.2.5) Apk Download For Android (Updated)

FIFA 12 1.2.5 v1.2.5 Apk Download For Android full cracked torrent FIFA 12 1.2.5 (v1.2.5) Apk Download For AndroidFIFA 12, brought to you Electronic Arts EA Sports, is now updated to version 1.2.5 with improvements and fixes in this version. Fifa 12, as the successor of the previous Fifa 10 and Fifa 11, is a great soccer and a hit game around the world. It is as popular as Pro Evolution Soccer that brought to you a while ago by Konami Entertainment.

As it is from the developer that brought you so many hit games that we love such as Scrabble, The SIMS 3, Tetris, Monopoly, Madden NFL 12, Need For Speed Shift, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Simcity Deluxe and many more, we can judge that this game also has great graphic quality.

This version of FIFA 12 works for almost all devices now. Choose your download base on your device specs!

Your Device must have Android 2.3 or above to run Fifa 2012 !

Note: After you download the installer from bellow, you must turn ON your WiFi connection and start the game. The game will ask you to start downloading the rest of the game (about 1,5GB of data)

Note: The Game will not work on devices with resolutions smaller then 480×800

Links Updated, more devices support now !

*** To be played with Airplane Mode ON at Startup
Download from: Mirror1 (For Sony-Ericsson Xperia Play and most Andreno GPU devices)
Download from: Mirror2 (For 480×800 screens, like HTC Desire HD or Samsung Galaxy S2)
Download from: Mirror3 (For 540×960 screens, Like Motorola Atrix)

*** To be played with an Network Connection at Startup
Download from: Mirror4 (For 1280×800 screens, Tegra3, Tegra2, some Non-Tegra Tablets and other HD display Devices)

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156 Responses to “FIFA 12 1.2.5 (v1.2.5) Apk Download For Android (Updated)”

  1. sudin says:

    why dont have manager mode

  2. hong says:

    when I begin to start FIFA game, notice on my phone “application FIFA12 (process 12) has stopped unexpected. Try again
    Force close

    I don’t understand why?
    anyone can help me

  3. Gabriel says:

    Update: Make sure that the download version is for your device !

  4. JOHNO691 says:

    does it work?

  5. evo 3d says:

    I have a htc evo 3d which one should I download?

  6. the gamer says:

    its run but the touch doesn’t work my android mobile is samsung galaxy ace 2.3.3

  7. the gamer says:

    it’s works but so slow because the other android mobile version will released in 21th feb 2012 and the xpiera play version had released

  8. Greek (Android Expert) says:

    The guys who have problem with:

    hong says:”"when I begin to start FIFA game, notice on my phone “application FIFA12 (process 12) has stopped unexpected. Try again
    Force close

    I don’t understand why?
    anyone can help me”"”"

    My friend just turn of the Wi-fi.(after you have downloaded 1,5 cache data).

  9. Greek (Android Expert) says:

    some falses in words (turn off)* and (1,5Gb)*

  10. snake974 says:

    cut the network connection before playing
    Before playing turn off network

  11. Robert says:

    i have the same problem!! qith the process com.ea.fifa12, but turn on mff the network connection doesnt work!!! i turned off the wifi connection on my xperia play and still the same problem.. yesterday i update the OS to the android 2.3.4 (before was the 2.3.3), maybe this is the problem?? or not?? please i need help, i love this game on ps3!!!

  12. Afzal says:

    I downloaded adreno gpu version for my arc. I start downloading the additional files and after a.certain point around 45% , it says connection error and also deletes the downloaded files which I have to re download. It happened four times.plz help

  13. ida says:

    what should i download for galaxy nexus?
    does it have problem with the resulotion of the device ?

  14. wael says:

    stop the net and it will open , i stoped the wifi and then open it and it opened

  15. Mostafa says:

    The game is not working on my sgs2 AT&T it enters the menu then freezes and shuts down

  16. King says:

    Yeah why is there no manager mode in this game?? Isn’t it supposed to be the same as the iphone version? Please answer me, thanks!!

  17. charbel chalhoub says:

    i have the viewpad 7 , its android 2.2 does it works?

  18. JB says:

    where do you place the game data after downloading?

    • graybo13 says:

      after downloading the files extact them then place them in SD CARD/ANDROID/DATA. then download the apk from ur device and install the game should start automaticly it works on my xperia ark no problem hope this helps

  19. karimy says:

    Does it work for samsung galaxy tab ??

  20. jlzb says:

    I have a blu touchbook 7.0 which should I use?

  21. fisuuuu says:

    Why does this file is .rar my device doesn’t understund

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello there,
      Downloadit on your MAC/PC first, and copy’it over cable or wifi // or search for a free unrar app on the net !

    • dj says:

      you can use file explorer or file manager to extract the .rar file.

  22. Marcio says:

    Don’t work in my Motorola XT 531 – The game starts, but when i touch in the
    screen it doesn’t happen nothing… and stays in the initial screen.. just it,,,…

  23. Voff69 says:

    Is there a reason I don’t have any commentaries? Thanks

  24. omair says:

    Why it runs too slow on my htc hd2! i downloaded 480 x 800 it still runs slow. Im using android 2.3.7 ( cyanogenmod 7) anyone plz! thanku!

  25. omar mousssa says:

    if it “force close”, then shut down any internet connection and start the game

  26. Problem says:

    Players are w/o body but just having shadows in game.
    Team logos are also just blacked.
    Help needed thx.
    PS. using motorola atrix

  27. jorjdboss says:

    @Greek, @snake974, @wael, @omar mousssa,
    Your method works good, but 1 out of 3 times it crashes after few games(any game mode). I’m using Xperia Neo, which has identical hardware to the Xperia Play(same processor, gpu, motherboard, ram and resolution)

    Its frustrating because game crashes before it saves data
    Any solution for this, anyone?

  28. psychotycoon says:

    my FIFA always hang when i’m played.
    sometimes ok but only good for KICK-OFF menu..for others like CUP,LEAGUE, hp will be hang..
    I’m using Galaxy S2..i download mirror 2 for my hp..
    then, during choose team,no logo appeared.

  29. Anonymous says:

    For the people who have that problem you have to Switch off wifi and 3g/2g connection and it will work.

    • psychotycoon says:

      already off all internet connection..i only can play one match only, if want to play next match, i need to closed this FIFA first..then, on again…if not,my hp will hang..need to remove battery to turn on back..

  30. htc desire hd says:

    when i tried to open the rar file it says no application can perform this task ..what to do plz can anyone guide the whole thing ..

  31. Ludge says:

    Link down ?

  32. Marko says:

    please tell me why is this game so slow on my htc hd2 2.3.1 gingerbread,everything work normally but wenn I play it’s becomme so slowly wenn the ball comme to midfielders and attackers,but wenn the ball have my deffenders it’s everything fine because in that momment is not to much players is this part of the screen,same things happends too wenn CPU player have the ball…

  33. Vimal says:

    Ppl, I tried to run the game on the Galaxy Nexus. There seems to be a problem with the menu or how the user’s touches interact with the menu. I have to double tap the screen or keep on tapping on the screen multiple times to go to the team selection team. But, I can’t go past the team selection screen.

    Any other devices facing issues? Any fixes identified? Guys pls help me.. Big fan of Fifa..

  34. Mikkel says:

    Why is FIFA 12 not released for Android?

  35. tejan says:

    does the game work on motorola atrix?
    please reply soon

  36. br00kie says:

    Mirror 2 doesn’t work

  37. motorola razr says:

    on motorola razr xt910 is working perfect but the grass of the stadioums is not green ,it keeps black red brown pixels and lines , like there is a graphic problem. you can see the palyers the ball perfect but the bad pixels of the grass is making the game annoing

  38. kanor says:

    does this work on galaxy tab 7.0.

  39. ace29x says:

    Is there any apk to play on tegra 3 device

  40. Louis says:

    Which link works for the Galaxy Nexus? It is supported for ICS before anyone smartly says it isnt because there is a store page for it.

  41. D00 says:

    Would have gladly purchased this from the market, but it kept saying it wasn’t compatible for my phone (TMobile G2, Android 2.3.4)….this works perfectly, but must run in airplane mode.

  42. shariq says:

    my touch screen is not working when the game menu is opened i am using samsung galaxy y having android version 2.3.6 gingerbread please help me

  43. melvin says:

    the game starts but only the quick play..!!
    the oder options r showing as locked

  44. utkarsh says:


  45. zedef says:

    I have fifa 12 on my experia x10 and the gameplay is realy slow ? Some help please

  46. ib22 says:

    I downloaded FIFA12 on my HTC Flyer tablet but it’s not working. Can somebody help me? Thnx

  47. Xaa says:

    Not supported for ice cream sandwich apparently and definitely not compatible for Nexus S or Nexus one for sure (I have both). Lots of people complaint about that, and even Galaxy nexus. On my Nexus S, it doesn’t even appear on Google plays, and through internet it clearly states “not compatible with your devices : Nexus S – Nexus one” Quite disappointing…

  48. Bob says:

    It works great with my GalaxyS but the logo are all blacked out. Same with the different types of soccer balls. Doesnt anyone have a fix for this? Hopefully without reinstalling, that took forever. -_-”

  49. Jeremy says:

    Works smoothly on my HTC Desire hd running on custom Rom

  50. Rahul says:

    I download the game It got stck on 89% as it said that 1.2 gb of data will be recorded the files getting downloaded were more than that not increasing on the app nut in the files..
    What to do now? Keeep downloading or what?

  51. marian elisei says:

    is good

  52. fifachamp says:

    this game is sick
    i am the champion at this game
    if it keeps saying force close just turn aeroplane mode off and if it says manage applications just go to settings/applications/manage storage and delete any unwanted files to create space for the game to work.
    if you have android 2.0 eclair up to 4.0 ice cream sandwich you need to update the game to the version on your phone or it will not work

    if you need my help just email me at

    thanks my friends
    just to let you know i am a girl!
    who likes football

  53. jj says:

    help this problem ‘this application is not authorized on your android device’….why?

  54. unknown says:

    its run but the touch doesn’t work my android mobile i have a HTC wildfire can somebody help

  55. jason says:

    if you explore into the sd data you can see that manager mode files are in there, now the question is

    whats going on where is it on the main menu?

  56. mattcuti says:

    I can get tge app to runDroid X2, but when I enter a game, the audio is very clippy and you can’t see the players (but you can see their shadows?!). Anyone know how to fix this?

  57. eugene says:

    I downloaded it on my galaxys2 and when i start it the whole screen turns black but you can only words. (My wifi connection was off)

  58. Bob says:

    Does this work for Sony Xperia Arc S? And what’s an Andreno phone?

  59. Tony says:

    I downloaded the correct version for my Razr Maxx (I looked up the resolution just to be sure). The game runs fine but like someone else posted the grass isn’t green it’s pastel colors. Is there any way to fix this??

    • Matheus says:

      I´m with the same problem…. all the game runs perfectly, but the grass problem damages all game experience.. :(

  60. romantic says:

    Thanks dear

  61. jeyb says:

    it says fifa12 has stopped unexpectedly :(

  62. Lww says:

    hi guys i get into the menu of game but i cant touch to the kick of, i cant touch to nothing! please why? mirror 1 android 2.3.4 samsung galaxy mini

    • Anonymous says:

      The resolution of your device is to small 240 x 320, and the onscreen controls are not correctly displayed

      • Lww says:

        so my resolution is only 240×320? or i must download mirror 2?

        • Anonymous says:

          no version from above is compatible with that resolution, sorry

          PS: change your device if you realy want to play more games (get a larger screen)

  63. prashant says:

    btw where is the download link all d mirrors arent working any 1 help??

  64. sambath says:

    Dose it work on Sony Ericsson w8?

  65. J3bat says:

    So far, no comment for galaxy note yet. I update my note to ics 4.0.3. Will it works?

  66. The man says:

    It works on S2 i9100 with 4.1 ICS when network turned off

  67. Eliezer Almonte says:

    The file I download from the download source (zippyshare, etc) is named ‘null.bin’, could anybody please help me with that?, is the file I’m downloading corrupted or is the NQ Mobile Antivirus preventing the file to be correctly downloaded?, please help, will very much appreciate.

  68. easy 10 says:

    I have Huawei x1 u8180 running on Android 2.2.2(froyo).
    But after reading all your funny comments… I decided to Root my phone and installed Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 since then all those new games are working… stuff anyone who things Ics cannot run those games

    With ICS I can now run Pes 11, Frontline Commando, Modern Combat….etc even my graphic improved fro Raging thunder II….

    For those who keep asking stupid questions…listen…. Android runs “APK” not ‘rar’ SO you must rename the file.

    1. you must turn off your network
    2.airplane mode can be helpful
    3.You cannot have a smartphone without knowing its size…example (I brownse into this ….I looked at all mirrors and straight it is easy for me to say my phone is less big than galaxy s 2 ,without hesistating I picked the first mirror…)

    If anyone needs help, just write my name(easy10) in the beginning of your comment.

  69. Ben says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and when I installed Fifa 12, I was able to go in. No problems whatsoever downloading it.

    But when I when I went into the main menu of the game, they immediately kicked me out of the game. Fifa 12 was set to force close (unexpected, and so on) and it was very irritating after I spent almost 15 minutes installing.

    Can anybody help me?

  70. Taha says:

    I have downloaded the file from mirror 1 (i have xperia play) on my pc. What do I do now?

  71. deejay ari says:

    I’ve updated the ics version for my galaxy note
    I’ve downloaded all the data required for this game
    I also turned on the wifI mode I was able to enter the game mode but unable to go on to playing this game
    Wifi Is off still faced the same issue please help and advice

  72. monodeep says:

    after downloading about 700mb data, the downloading process resarts. I am a galaxy note user. Can somebody help me about this?

  73. Jaiveer says:

    can someone help me out…i.have downloaded the game but when it comes touch to continue..i keep on
    Touching but.nothing done…cant click on kick off as after 45 seconds msg comes unfortunately fifa 12 stopped..can someone jelp me

  74. fn says:

    The screen is all black,i turned of wifi,cant c anytng. i hv galaxy s2

    Someobe pls help!!!!

  75. alyosha says:

    is that work on Samsung Galaxy Pocket

  76. Ashwin says:

    can any one plz… the sdcard data for samsung galaxy s2 which has-Mali 400 Mp GPU

  77. Rafi says:

    when i try to open the app, it’s open but i can’t touch it and play it my phone is Xperia Active ST17I

    • Anonymous says:

      The screen resolution is to small 320 x 480 and the game is not calibrated for this screen size
      from what people here are saying it works on devices with 480×800 or higher resolution

  78. Mustafa says:

    how do I download this?

  79. Jonathan says:


  80. drasit says:

    I hav tab2 p3100 powervr sgx540.. got it rooted.. which version will it work? plz neone replyyyyyyyy.. sorry for bad english.

  81. sabith says:

    how i can download the data to my external sd card..

  82. kevinof44 says:

    it works but summary isn’t lookable
    on galaxy s2

  83. Akif Rahman says:

    Which one should i choose for my Samsung Galaxy Y?

  84. Brandon says:

    It does seem to work for the xperia s

  85. ahsen says:

    I downloaded this from mirror 2 on my HTC sensation the app started , you can choose teams but the match doesn’t starts I mean the arrow button doesn’t works . When I have chosEn the teams then when I press the tick button it doesn’t work, WiFi was off. Can anyone help plz

  86. ress says:

    have to press middle line across samsung galaxy s3 for touch uttons to work i.e kick off boutton in right place but have to press middle screen and cant start game button on screen not responding tried all three mirror apk files.. help…

  87. Hohohohohoho!~
    Thanks !! Working With Sony Xperia Play!

  88. Gabriel Cosmos says:

    Does it work on galaxy y?

  89. jonathan says:

    i like it thanks

  90. Anonymous says:

    On my samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 it runs smoothly but there is weird coloured grass and no team logos, does anyone know how to fix this ? :)

  91. ravi says:

    I have htc explorer will FIFA 12 game will run on my phone if yes the pls give me the link from where should I download it and pls tell me the steps to install it thank u

  92. ernest says:

    How about an Acer a100 tab ics

  93. jose says:

    I have. HTC Evo 3D which one do I download . Please reply !

  94. abdallah says:

    easy10Does it Works on Htc One X ?

  95. ajinkya says:

    i have xperia s..which should i download?? and can you tell me how do i install this file

  96. Rafi says:

    Will the game be supported to Samsung Galaxy SIII????

  97. hussein says:

    i have galaxy SIII and i downloaded the second one mirror 2 I cupied that to Android/Data (Idon’t have SD card) I installed that and i saw a page that wanted to download data from internet by wifi i spent my time and money. what should i do?

  98. Ryd3r says:

    Running this game on a rooted nook tablet, runs perfectly. Really fun! My problem comes when I have no active internet connection on startup, anyone know how to bypass that initial update check at the startup so that it doesn’t try and connect to the internet?

  99. ak47 says:

    please reup – for Sony-Ericsson Xperia Play and most Andreno GPU devices

  100. ariefaziez says:

    work smoothly using galaxy tab 10.1

  101. DannyRO says:

    hello,i have a little problem on my galaxy ace,i downloadeaded sd data from the game but when i enter the game,the menu buttons wont work,i can only slide the menu but i can’t press the buttons,plz help!:)

  102. DannyRo says:

    ok,but i’ve seen on youtube users that can play fifa 12 on their galaxy ace

  103. Cesar Cas says:

    hello,can any body help me.??? i have problems to play this game. I downloaded in my Motorola Atrix, i put in airplane mode and turn off the wifi conexion. when the match begin i cant see the players on the field, only can see yours shadows and the ball, actually i cant see the flags of the teams also; and the shoot´s button doesn´t work… any body knows why is happend this.?? thanks.!!

  104. itz mee says:

    Is it suitable for galaxy ace

  105. chocks says:

    i am using galaxy note GT n7000…i did download
    this the problm is when it opens the
    butons sre not pressing…what can be the problem

  106. abhi says:

    I have Galaxy Note. I downloaded the wrong resolution version. Is there any way I can change the resolution so as to play it on GN? Coz wen I start the game the options are at some other points than they actually shown.

  107. Jose says:

    Thanks,i was trying to download it in other sites

  108. dewg says:

    the game doesnt show logo and cant press buttons on galaxy tab 2…please…i need help

  109. bishal das says:

    I have a samsung galaxy ace s58360i 2.3.6 rooted the game fifa 12 works well.but the players are not visible

  110. troubled soul says:

    God save my soul cus ahm abt to commit sucide right now.
    after goin sleepless night to get this game installed and its not device is tecno n3 (2.3.5)

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